Simple Tile and Grout Revival Kit

Renovate and revive your tired grout in no time at all.
Tile Tidy is a new innovation in grout cleaning and colour sealing.
A true D-I-Y product that will save you time and money. Restore your tiles to new quickly and easily without having to re-grout.
The simple Tile Tidy grout revival kit can be used on walls and floors.
The eco friendly, advanced formula of the Tile Tidy gives 10 years of protection against discolouration caused by humidity.
This helps to stop mould and mildew forming and keeps your tiles looking cleaner for longer.
An incredible new product to use on bathroom and kitchen tiles – on walls AND floors!
Each Tile Tidy kit covers approximately 30 square metres.
Previously only available to professionals, you can now restore your room in a few hours for under £50!


£59.99 excluding Tax

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Corn Silk, White, Grey, Black, Ivory, Brown